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Select articles and interviews

RTL (Belgium), "Cours de Storyboard dispense par David Russell" - special news report

Province de Liege TV (Belgiuim), "Master Class animee par David Russell" - special news report and You Tube video

TV2 (Norway), "Filmplaneten Svanhild" – interview by Nina Aasmundsen

NRK TV News (Norway), "Stavanger Storyboard Seminar with David Russell" – special news report

DVD Valley (Netherlands), "Storyboarding, regisseren op papier" – interview by Ellen van Slagmaat

Storyboard Magazine (France), "Portfolio - David Russell - Le Storyboardeur Ethique" – interview by David Queille

Storyboards NL Magazine (Netherlands), “Interview: David Russell” –  by Frank Van Seijen

Screentalk Magazine (Denmark), “David Russell – Storyboarding Super Hero” – by Angela Amoroso

Jack Kirby Collector (USA), "Under the Covers" – interview by John Morrow

Focal (Switzerland), "Storyboarding with David Russell, Hollywood Master Illustrator" – by Robi Engler

The Age (Australia), “Behind the Scenes a Star is Drawn” – by Karl Quinn

Paradise Magazine, GC Bulletin (Australia), "Drawn to the Movies" – interview by Michael Jacobson

Australian Production Design Guild, “Interview: Film Illustrator David Russell”

Pasadena Rose Magazine (USA), “David Russell Draws History to Life” – by Michelle Mills

The Philadelphia Tribune (USA), “Artist Makes Red Tails Soar” – by Kimberly Roberts

Aftenposten (Norway), "Storyboard-Kunster Lager Norsk Kortfilm"

Basellandschaftliche Zeitung (Switzerland), "Der Film Wird Zuerst Gezeichnet" – by Brigitte Haring

Dagsavisen (Norway), "Kultur: Lager Film Pa Papir" – by Britta Moystad Engseth

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